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Help Students Connect to NSLDS

It’s more important than ever for students to know who their servicers and lenders are and monitor the status of their loan(s). At the OGSLP Annual Conference in June, participants in our default prevention session asked for help finding ways to tell students about the important information available on NSLDS. OGSLP is more than happy to deliver!

We’ve collaborated with our colleagues at several institutions to develop easy-to-understand text schools can use to outline NSLDS features and explain how to use the system as a student loan management tool. Our NSLDS text can be easily customized to fit individual campus needs, and can be used for an article in a school newspaper, on the campus website or as talking points for a default prevention team. Additionally, we can make the text available in a variety of formats for implementation.

There’s more to come; other NSLDS educational tools for students are currently in development. Call us today at 405.234.4358 or 800.234.4329 (toll-free) for more information or to request our NSLDS text in a specific format. We’re here to help!