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UCanGo2 Can Help U, 2

It’s back-to-school time again and UCanGo2 is here to help you! We have a wide variety of publications and resources to help you put college planning information into the hands of students. Check out UCanGo2.org to see what’s available, including:

We’re also offering our College Fair Worksheet for use during the upcoming fairs in your area. It provides sample questions and topics students can discuss with campus representatives to make the visit as successful as possible. College fairs are important events for students and we want to make sure they’re beneficial! Feel free to make copies of the tools provided at UCanGo2.org, or we can provide up to 250 copies upon request.

If you have questions or would like to order materials for an upcoming event, please contact us at 405.234.4313, 866.443.7420 (toll-free) or UCanGo2@ogslp.org.