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Who's Who at OGSLP?Karla Rodriguez

Name: Karla Rodriguez
Department: AWG/Recoveries
Title: AWG Specialist III
Tenure with OGSLP: 17 years

How do your daily duties directly impact OGSLP's customers?
My duties at OGSLP mostly impact borrowers. Because I deal with defaulted student loans, I’m often the last person they want to hear from; however, throughout the years, new programs have become available to help borrowers get back on track. Helping borrowers over the last 17 years has made my job as a senior AWG staff member more meaningful.

What do you find most challenging about working with student loans?
Working with student loans is a challenge every day. There’s a lot to do and remember, like staying in compliance with Department of Education regulations, adhering to policies and procedures and meeting requirements and deadlines. Sometimes the greatest challenge is maintaining excellent customer service when facing the occasional bad attitude, complaint or derogatory comment from borrowers!

What are some of the unique services your department provides our customers?
AWG is a special segment of the Recoveries department. Our staff perform a number of useful services, like helping the employers of defaulted borrowers understand regulations and complete wage garnishment forms, and providing defaulted borrowers, their employers, other OGSLP departments and our school and lender customers with answers to AWG-related questions.

What are your hobbies or interests?
My family and children are my biggest interest. They fill my life with so much pride and joy.  If I’m not attending a basketball, volleyball, or soccer game or a dance class for my children, I’m spending time with my parents and enjoying every minute of it. Despite staying busy with all of the above, I still make time for the kitchen – I love to cook and learn to prepare different ethnic dishes.