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Updates to OKcollegestart.org's Professional Center

Screenshots of redesigned Pro Center login page and menu.OKcollegestart.org is excited to announce the latest improvements and features to the Professional Center! When you log in, you’ll not only see a sleek, new, responsive design that makes the Professional Center even easier to use, but you’ll also discover three new features we think you’ll love: the Communication Log, a customizable Limited Professional account type and survey creation tools.

Screenshot of Communication Log

Communication Log

This new feature makes it easier for counselors and educators to track communications with their students. Professionals can use the Communication Log to create and maintain a chronological journal of interactions and communications with students, parents, and guardians.

New Professional Center Account Type

There is a new type of Professional Center account – a limited professional account. Educators with a limited professional account can only see, review, comment and report on the student portfolios assigned to them. In addition, a limited professional can only communicate with their assigned students. Administrators can create a limited professional account using the tools in the Administration tab.

Screenshot of a survey.

Custom Survey Tools

Educators can now create custom surveys to assign to students to complete. Educators with administrative rights in the Professional Center can define and store multiple custom surveys and manage the local list of available surveys. Surveys can be assigned as an Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP) activity.

For additional information about the Professional Center or its new features, please contact Theresa Shaklee, Student Portal Coordinator at tshaklee@ocap.org or 405.234.4383.


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