OGSLP Online News

March 5, 2009

Who's Who at OGSLP?

Matt McCreary
Name: Matt McCreary
Department: Policy, Compliance, and Training (PCT)
Title: Policy and Compliance Specialist III

How do your daily duties directly involve OGSLP's customers?
As a member of the Policy, Compliance, and Training (PCT) department, I work with our school and lender customers to help eligible borrowers understand and receive loan discharges and forgiveness. PCT works actively with OGSLP customers and staff to develop policies and procedures that best serve borrowers throughout the life of the loan. Its our job ensure that schools and borrowers receive the best information available in a continually changing environment.

What do you find most challenging about working with student loans?
After working for a private university for 9 years, my most challenging task has been learning the processes and procedures from a guarantor perspective and learning about the different ways we help students here at OGSLP. When I came to OGSLP, I brought with me first-hand knowledge of the challenges that families and universities face in this ever-changing industry. After seeing how OGSLP works for the benefit of our students and customers, Im confident that we can face these challenges head on and continue to help our school and lender customers do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

What advice would you give to someone in our industry who's new to working with student loans?

Be prepared to learn. There are many acronyms, rules and regulations to keep straight — and by the time you learn those, there are new ones to learn! My new friends at OGSLP have been a great resource and helped get me up-to-speed since I joined the PCT team. Use the resources available to you – like the OGSLP Web site and experienced coworkers – to build knowledge.

Be prepared to serve. Our job at OGSLP is to support our school and lender customers as they help students pursue their academic goals and career ambitions and prepare for successful loan repayment. That’s a big and exciting responsibility! Because education is our priority, we must ensure that students understand their rights and responsibilities and provide materials and tools that teach them about debt management and financial literacy.

Be prepared to become a part of a family – the FFELP family. From school financial aid officers to lenders and guarantors to federal administrators and legislators, everyone in this industry has a common goal: we want students to succeed. By working together and sharing knowledge, we’re supporting our FFELP community and extending the reach of the excellent services only the FFELP offers.

What are some of the unique services your department provides our customers?
The PCT department works closely with every department within OGSLP to monitor changing federal rules and regulations and communicate the information that directly impacts our school and lender customers. Were also proud to provide tools and training opportunities on a variety of topics, including new legislation and professional development, that help our customers perform their jobs more effectively.

What are your hobbies or interests?
In my spare time, I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, playing the piano, watching movies and traveling. My last trip was to the Caribbean and Id love to go there again. Currently, Im renovating my house and learning how to do chemical-free yard work and gardening. Im also a huge Red Sox and OSU Cowboys fan.