OCAP - Oklahoma College Assistance Program, Formerly known as the Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loan Program

Updated Contact Information for OCAP Default Prevention

Effective March 31, 2014, Student Assistance Corporation (SAC) will perform default prevention services for the Oklahoma College Assistance Program (OCAP) FFELP portfolio. Updated contact information for student loan borrowers, lenders and servicers, and Oklahoma campuses is provided below.

Lenders and servicers should direct all Default Aversion Assistance Request (DAAR) related correspondence and inquiries to:

OCAP borrowers should be directed to contact:

For default prevention services, Oklahoma schools will continue to work directly with OCAPís default prevention team:

Wayne Sparks
Default Prevention Manager
Oklahoma College Assistance Program (OCAP)
P.O. Box 3000 | Oklahoma City, OK 73101-3000
wsparks@ocap.org | www.OCAP.org