OGSLP Operational Update

NSC Policy Amendment

The enrollment reporting servicer National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) amended their enrollment update submission policy. Effective Dec. 1, 2010, all updates must be sent electronically. Because NSC will no longer accept hard copy enrollment updates, OGSLP will also no longer accept them.

NSC institutions should make any enrollment status updates through the NSC file submission process or online at StudentClearinghouse.org. For more information, contact NSC at 703.742.4200.

Non-NSC institutions should make National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS) enrollment status updates through the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) or the NSLDS Professional Access site. Additional information is available from NSLDS at 800.999.8219.

If you have questions about enrollment reporting, contact Lisa Hale, Default Prevention Supervisor, at 405.234.4384, 800.358.5460 (toll-free) or lhale@ogslp.org.

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