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Congress Passes Higher Education Act Reauthorization

NPRM for the College Cost Reduction and Access Act

ED Releases Additional Interest Rates

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Marilyn Schwarz has replaced Marcia Carter as the Financial Aid Director at East Central University. Marilyn has 23 years of financial aid experience from her previous positions at the University of Central Oklahoma and Murray State College. Congratulations, Marilyn!

Calendar of Events

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August 8
Mapping Your Future (MYF) Integration Webinar

August 19
MYF Annual Business Meeting
Conference Call

August 21
OGSLP's Simple Tuition Operational Webinar for Lenders

September 1
Labor Day
OGSLP Closed

September 4
OGSLP's Simple Tuition Platform Demonstration Webinar for Schools

September 11
OGSLP's Simple Tuition Platform Demonstration Webinar for Schools

September 12
MYF Guide to Services Webinar

September 25 - 26
NCHELP Legislative Conference
Washington, D.C.

October 2 - 3
MYF Fall Quarterly Meeting
Indianapolis, Ind.

August 6, 2008

OGSLP Offers SimpleTuition Loan Comparison Tool for Schools & Families

As noted in our recent SimpleTuition partnership announcement, OGSLP staff are hard at work to provide schools with new lender list tools to simplify the lender selection process for Oklahoma families.

>> Read more about our partnership with SimpleTuition

OGSLP Offers Best Practices for Default Prevention

A hand writing the word solutions on paper

OGSLP developed a comprehensive outline of default prevention "best practices" to help schools and lenders enhance and expand their default prevention programs and services.

>> Read more about our Default Prevention
Best Practices

Total and Permanent Disability Discharge: Processing Changes

The Department of Education relayed several important procedural changes relating to total and permanent disability discharge.

>> Read more about disability discharge processing changes

Revised Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application and Forbearance Request Forms

TLF brochure

In July 2008, the Department of Education announced the approval of revised versions of two forms associated with the Teacher Loan Forgiveness program.

>> Read more about the new forms

Updated Regulatory Resources Guide

OGSLP is pleased to announce the redesign of our regulatory reference guide Where Can I Find the Answer?

>> Read more about the resource guide and how it can help you

Making Work "Work": Resources for Busy Professionals

Multi-purpose Swiss Army Knife
Go ahead, make a suggestion!

At work initiative counts, and one way to show you’ve got it is to make sound, thoughtful suggestions. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions, because the truth is that employers want employee input.

>> Read tips about making helpful suggestions at work